Utilize the Power of Search Optimization

Is SEO Right for Me?

The organic results in google “SERP” search engine result pages is the local map pack. Usually three businesses will appear there and the section right after the maps that is for a local search. Other searches will not include map results because they are not local search terms. Service-based businesses such as repairs and installations are the most effective for SEO because the user needs the service immediately. This usually leads the user to perform a quick Google search. We assist many service-based businesses like mortgage brokers, plumbers, spas, dentists and lawyers. Usually with these businesses, users are searching for something nearby to visit in person or get delivered directly. All in all, SEO is good for businesses that are dealing with clients that need them at the moment and don’t have time to spend shopping around and leisurely searching for the right fit. Our SEO services are custom tailored through extensive keyword research, planning, precision and implementation. We’ve developed a rigorous and detailed method to providing search optimization services that produce top-notch results.

If you have more questions about search engine optimization, get in touch so we can evaluate and decide whether your business needs SEO. We’re always ready to assist you in finding out  how you can maximize your online growth.

The History of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pre-1997, when no one imagined having a website or converting business from the online world, when you needed a handyman you just called up a friend and asked them if they knew someone or you’d just go to Yellow Pages and find a business with “AAA” in their business name. That’s just if you needed immediate service. If you needed a service or product that wasn’t urgent, you’d find it in TV or radio station ads or even billboards. That’s what our world looked like it terms of hiring professionals to fix our issues.

Post-1997, the whole game changed. Google invented an algorithm to define what is useful and what isn’t for searchers and “Google Search” become a daily thing that was able able to give you endless information and resources in just a few clicks…and thus, SEO was born.

How does SEO work? Check out this short video about SEO from Matt Cutts, the Google Software Engineer Here.

Google Maps Business = Gold Mine?

These days Google has become increasingly used for local searches due to Google adding the map section to help users quickly decide how far a business is so when it comes to Google Map Ranking, the amount of competitors is minimal and it can help to grow on your neighborhood from the start. On the other hand, websites that have organic SEO in unlimited by location and by pages and can increase their traffic as they develop and rank higher in organic search results.

Search engines are always clarifying how the user experience is one of the main ranking factors:

CRO (conversion rate optimization) and UI/UX (user interface/ user experience)

CRO includes two bottom line factors, one of them is how long the searcher stayed in your website (usually more than 7 sec is considered good website) and the second is the user action, means if he finally find what he was looking for and click to call to just learn when he was seeking to learn.

UI/UX: besides the time and action there is environment on the entire page, like when u go to a place you like, it’s not only because the drinks are good is because the ``vibe`` is great and you like to stay there, so if your website have a good ``vibe`` for the user the search engines will find that and help your website in ranking!

Why is branding important for search optimization?

Medium to large-scale businesses have to increase their emphasis on branding in order to be unique and help your customers in finding you. it will help to grow by the branded keywords by the search volume on the search engines. When a customer has a good experience from a specific business he remembers their name and searches for the on the web at a later time. That assists a business in getting branded traffic to its site and the click-through rate is very close to 100% which increases trust by search engine results. This causes algorithms to rank the site higher. Besides the branded search terms on search engines, brand elements and rules appear on all social media platforms and increase brand followers and activities on social media. Brand development on search engines will keep your clients looking for and finding only you. This increases customer loyalty and that’s always a great thing.

What is Google Penguin?

in April 2014 google decide that content is not enough only to filter websites across the internet also the amount of RD (Referring Domains) and Backlinks and guess what, google right! Their algorithm will be able to penalized websites that are too much spam and not having relevant RD linking to them, means that each website have his own Niche for example website that is for dentist having backlinks from shoe store website it’s not relevant to each other so the algorithm had the option to penalized the website and to Deindex the site from the google search results page.

The on-page part was keyword spamming, a lot of website had the money keyword spammed million times so the google spiders can crawl this page to the search results to rank higher to generate more traffic, and also google filter them from google pages.

Every updates that have been made by google is to maximize the user experience so the searchers will retain to google.

What is Google Panda?

two month later on 2011 google updates his way to decide quality of a website and relevant content,

these are the changes: thin content, duplicate content, low quality, lack of authority, content farmers websites, high ad to content ratio. These are all the changes google made in 2011 and put limitation on content in general to increase the user experience on google SERPs, 3.1% of the search quires got hit by this algorithm update